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Top 5 Resident Evil Moments


Following the recent release of Resident Evil Revelations on home consoles, it got me thinking about the best Resident Evil moments that have left a lasting impression on me through the years, so I thought I would compile my top

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User-Made Maps for Tribes: Ascend


Developers Hi-Rez Studios claimed that would be no major updates for their free-to-play multiplayer first person shooter, Tribes: Ascend, for at least six months while they finish SMITE. Hi-Rez CEO Todd Harris has stated that they plan to add custom map support to the game.

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Ubisoft says Xbox One and PS4 new features are “extremely difficult” to market


Yves Guillemot, CEO of Ubisoft, noted that the main new features that are the biggest plus points of the new consoles aren’t as easy to get across to consumers as things like enhanced graphics and better equipment. With one of

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Payday 2 Gets Total Overhaul!


Usually when game developers release a sequel, we are treated to one or two changes and improvements, Overkill Software, however, have gone all out in the development of their upcoming first-person shooter, Payday 2. The game still revolves around the idea that you play a part in a four man team performing bank heists and robberies, but a few other aspects of the game have been tweaked to improve playability and game enjoyment.

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Dark Matter – Preview

dark matter

When I was offered a chance to have a whirl in the Alpha build of the upcoming horror game Dark Matter by InterWave Studios, I jumped at the chance as this game has been on my radar for a while.

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