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The Last of Us – Review


Naughty Dog sure know their way around a third person action game, as it has pretty much been their bread and butter for the past few years. With their most recent success coming in the form of the Uncharted franchise. This was of the main things that drew me to their latest offering, The Last of Us, available for Playstation 3. Another reason why I picked up a copy was the fact that I love anything post-apocalyptic, but very few games in this genre manage to show the desperate struggle to survive that would accompany the end of the world as we know it. One thing that I was worried about when I picked up my controller was that The Last of Us wouldn’t be able to live up to the hype that had preceded it’s release, we were treated to a lot of promotional material and usually the final product doesn’t live up to our expectations. With The Last of Us, however, I believe it deserved even more hype.

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Dark Matter – Preview

dark matter

When I was offered a chance to have a whirl in the Alpha build of the upcoming horror game Dark Matter by InterWave Studios, I jumped at the chance as this game has been on my radar for a while.

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eShop Mini Review – Mario & Yoshi


Pros: A game for just 30p, pick up and playability Cons: Repetitive gameplay, lack of replayability, luck element Carrying on their 30th anniversary celebrations of the Famicom, Nintendo’s current Wii U eShop 30p offering is Mario & Yoshi – a NES game that’s

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