GTA V Gameplay Trailer has Arrived!

Whenever we get treated to a new Grand Theft Auto title, we know we are going to be in for a treat, but thanks to the new gameplay trailer released by RockStar of their next venture, Grand Theft Auto V, we know what kind of game we can expect , and I think it’s pretty safe to say that no-one will be disappointed by this game.

Trevor-GTAV-OnQuadBikeThe trailer starts off showing us what the game will have in terms of geographic locations; ranging from mountains, to fancy shops, run down areas of the city and untouched wilderness. We get to meet the game’s three main protagonists, which can be switched between at any point, even during missions. This should keep the game feeling fresh, even after multiple play-throughs. There are also a load of new features to GTA V, such as total car customisation, sports ; including cycling, golf and tennis, deep-sea diving and hunting. This is all fun but without any missions to do things will get stale pretty quick, and you get to control exactly how you pull off those missions; be it smart and quiet or loud and quick, this will again allow for a more intense play-through. What are you going to spend all you illegal gotten gains on though, well you can buy tattoos, clothing or cars, but you can also invest in the stock market or purchase real-estate.

Grand Theft Auto V will be the 15th title in the series and is set in the fictional city of Los Santos in San Andreas, which are based on Los Angeles and Southern California, and RockStar have claimed that this is destined to be their biggest open world game to date. This must mean the game will be huge, as the worlds in GTA 4 and Red Dead Redemption were pretty massive themselves.

GTA V hits our shelves on the 17th September for Playstation 3 and Xbox 360, but if you can’t wait that long to see what all the hype is about watch the gameplay trailer below.

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