What’s caught our eye this month – June 2013


The Last of Us

Brought to life by game developers Naughty Dog, the guys who brought us Uncharted and Jak and Daxter, comes an intense survival game set in post apocalyptic America. What makes this game stand out? Well,  all the feedback so far has been a resounding  million thumbs up – an absolute must play for all gamers. Boasting a genre-defining experience, you play as Joel, a man who has managed to survive this modern-day plague, as he smuggles 14-year-old Ellie out of a military quarantine zone. Infected run wild in the streets and the remaining unaffected humans scavenge and often kill each other for the few resources left.
Want to know more? Then check our review of The Last of Us!

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That gamer girl in the UK. Lover of all games but especially horror and RPG’s. Getting scared silly by indie horror games for Let’s Plays on YouTube is one of her favourite pass times. Catch her on Twitter for her day-to-day game happenings. Website: http://twitter.com/SillyRabbit669

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